POKA3D has designed a substantial amount of significant and remarkable projects in almost every sphere of engineering.

Below you can find a brief collection of projects from the past few years, varying in scope and industry, presenting our skills in steel calculation and design, RC calculation and detailing, site engineering and inspection and mechanical projects. POKA3D also has extensive experience in power plant engineering – upgrades, expansions and retrofits as well.

Residental buildingSteel project

Main client: Construction Company - Hungary

Task: Structural calculation and TEKLA 3D design of secondary steel parts of a residential building.

Manpower: 1 structural engineer 1 TEKLA modeler 1 person for on-site inspection

Commercial Steel buildingSteel project

Main client: Scandinavian client

Task: Structural calculation and TEKLA 3D design

Manpower: We deliver ~55 projects / month ~ 1.000 t steel / month ~ 10.000 different dwgs / month

Pre-cast buildingConcrete project

Main client: Norwegian Construction Company

Task: Structural calculation / formwork and reinforcement

Manpower: 2 structural engineers 3 REVIT modelers

Human Shape TowerSteel project

Main client: OVIT - MVM The Hungarian national grid holder

Task: Conception design Structural calculation TEKLA 3D detailing Engineering management of fabrication and erection

Manpower: 1 Stuctural Engineer 1 TEKLA Modeler 1 Engineer for site inspection

Sakhalin GRES-2 Cooling TowerSteel design

Main client: ENEXIO (GEA-EGI) Sakhalin GRES-2 Power Station, a 2x60MW power plant in the Sakhalin province, Russia.

Task: Circular steel structure with delta units with high seismic load Detailed static analysis according to EuroCode and Russian Code TEKLA detail modelling Preparing for fabrication Steel quantity: 1200 tons

Manpower: 3 Structural Engineers 6 TEKLA Modelers

Cement mill, built in RussiaSteel project

Main client: FL Smith (Denmark) – Sub-Contractor Fabricator: Ungersteel (Austria)

Task: Joint calculation Tekla detailing Preparing for fabrication 650 t steel

Manpower: 2 Structural Engineers 6 TEKLA Modelers

Hauptbahnhof WienSteel design

Main client: Ungersteel, Austria

Task: Darfting and fabrication drawing with TEKLA 7000-ton steel structure

Manpower: 10 TEKLA Modelers over 29 months

RWE Power PlantSteel design

Main client: RWE Sub-contractor: Re-Wo Gmbh

Task: Joint calculation and check TEKLA detailing

Manpower: 1 Structural Engineer for joint calculation and check 4 TEKLA modelers (in Germany for 8 months)

Office BuildingSteel project

Main client: Norwegian client

Task: Tekla modeling Steel joint calculations Full detailing Steel and Precast slabs

Manpower: 1 Engineer in Oslo, Norway

Primary School, HungarySteel project

Main client: Kruppa Architect Studio, Hungary

Task: 10-ton + 8-ton architectural steel structure Calculation TEKLA detailing

Manpower: 1 Structural Engineer 1 TEKLA Modeler