POKA3D has designed a substantial amount of significant and remarkable projects in almost every sphere of engineering.

Below you can find a brief collection of projects from the past few years, varying in scope and industry, presenting our skills in steel calculation and design, RC calculation and detailing, site engineering and inspection and mechanical projects. POKA3D also has extensive experience in power plant engineering – upgrades, expansions and retrofits as well.

Low Radiation Waste Processing and Storage BuildingNuclear-Related Projects

Main client: OAH, Hungary

Task: Low radiation waste processing and storage building Architectural design Structural calculation Complete fabrication package Participation in the permitting process

Manpower: 2 Structural Engineers

High Voltage Tower DesignSteel project

Main client: Various, Undisclosed

Task: Tower design Fabrication drawings NC file creation Tekla modeling

Manpower: 3 Structural Engineers Up to 8 Detailers

EagleSteel project

Main client: Groupama Arena, Budapest, Hungary

Task: Structural calculation 3D Modeling in TEKLA

Manpower: 1 Structural Engineer 1 TEKLA Modeler

Gyro TowerInventor project

Main client: Undisclosed

Task: Inventor modeling

Manpower: 1 Engineer